METAIRIE, La. — Players and coaching are packing up and heading home for the off season. When asked about the future Head coach Dennis Allen says everyone will be evaluated.

The Saints have 26 free agents.

“The key is making sure that whatever decisions that we make, we make the right decisions. There’s a lot of things that happen throughout the entire off season, will set a plan in place and then we’ll be able to adjust that plan as we see fit. I think we’ll turn over, turn over every stone. And again, that’s part of what this process is going to be as this week unfolds,” said New Orleans Saints head coach Dennis Allen.

“It sucks, and yet it’s a part of the game and it’s something that I don’t look forward to. I’m going to probably look forward to this D-line trip ASAP just so we can toast one and see you guys go. And I’m always going to be a firm believer in, you know, the lessons that they’ve either learned here or what I’ve been able to learn from them is going to take us farther and whatever phase of life we go into next,” said New Orleans Saints defensive end Cam Jordan.

As far as Dennis Allen, he told media he plans on being the New Orleans Saints head coach next season.