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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WGNO)- Downtown New Orleans was a sight to see on Sunday, as the cranes were imploded at Hard Rock Collapse site. The city has been waiting to since Friday to see what would happen when the explosives were detonated and it definitely rock the city.

To us on the ground, when the smoke dissipated, it’s wasn’t clear if it was a good thing or a bad thing that one of the cranes was still hooked to the building.

According to city officials, they said it looks worse than it actually is.

While we were setting up for our morning show, we heard a loud crashing noise on Monday morning around 5:00 a.m. coming from the Hard Rock Hotel site. After looking back on the footage, debris was caught on camera falling from upper part of the building near the crane that is still draped across the top.

For this reason, it shows the importance of why citizens must respect the perimeter that law enforcement and first responders put in place. While the building is said to be more stable now than it was previously, the building is still settling after the implosions.

A man we spoke to told us with his 30 years of background in construction, he did not want to be anywhere near the Hard Rock Hotel when the explosives were detonate but, why?

“Because, I was afraid it was going to catapult the way it was we have the 135 pounds of counter weight on the back end and I figured when you drop it straight down, the front end was going to hit the building and plop over like that and I didn’t want to be no where around,” explained Oscar Carter.

Now that the implosions have taken place, Mayor Cantrell says their next priority is, search and extraction. She said they want to get the two victims, that are still in the building out, and back to their loved ones.

As for what happens after that, NOFD Chief, Tim McConnell says they will use another crane to cute down the crane that is hooked to the building.

This is still a developing story. When new information is released we will keep you updated.