Aaron Broussard is gone (and that’s a good thing)

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How can one be heading to jail and be happy about it?   If you’re Aaron Broussard, you’re probably pretty happy this week.

The convicted felon and ex-Jefferson Parish President went into his sentencing hearing expecting a minimum of 5+ years behind bars and maybe as many as 8.  He received less than 4.  Broussard’s good fortune continued when he requested the easier stay at Pensacola’s club fed, home of weekend crawfish boils, with no objection from the judge.

Broussard has been in Jefferson Parish politics for 40 years, but now is finally done.  And that’s a good thing for the citizens of Jefferson.  The problem with Broussard, even if he wasn’t a crook, is he’s just merely average, nothing special.  We need to strive to elect people that aren’t ordinary.   We need extraordinary.  We need special people that are civic minded and are willing to sacrifice for us.

Aaron Brousard was painfully average and nothing proved that more than his mental breakdown the week after Katrina, crying on television for all to see.  Problem was he was crying about a story – the drowning mother in St. Bernard – that  he made up, one that didn’t happen.

Aaron Brousard was weak even when he wasn’t breaking the law.  He got a break this week when he received a lighter sentence than even he expected.  And we all got a break by getting one of the worst crooks out of Jefferson parish politics.

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