A loving Who Dat history


NEW ORLEANS— Who Dat?! is a phrase that unites us all and we all know how the chant goes, but dates back to minstrel shows and in sports vernacular, usage of the word dates back to the Southern University football in the 60’s and St. Aug games during the 1970’s.

From the guys that brought us the Who Dat song in the 1980’s, also came the controversy in the early 2000’s as it came to light that they we the first to license the phrase for commercial usage. Lawsuits resulted because many were using the phrase, commercially, without a license.

Steve Monistere of Who Dat?, Inc states, “That’s the magic of Who Dat, it’s fun to say. It is endeared by the people of the Gulf South. They’ve been saying it forever they love screaming it.”

Especially this time of year, even with fewer fans in the dome. A decade later, the legal stuff has been settled and Who Dat? merchandise sells well at many places, including Fleurty Girl who, if you recall was front and center of the Who Dat controversy.

The phrase, chant, and cheer remains as popular as ever.

Lauern LeBlanc Haydel of Fleurty Girl proclaimed, “Who Dat has been a thing and will always be a thing, and it’s never going away…Who Dat!”


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