A broken sprinkler line forces residents of Canal 1535 to evacuate & stay at Jung Hotel


NEW ORLEANS-– Last Wednesday a broken sprinkler line flooded multiple areas of the building at the Canal 1535 Apartments on Canal Street.

Management at Canal 1535 said water flooded electrical breakers and mechanical rooms. Inspectors and contractors discovered there were some potential electrical safety issues, so everyone was evacuated and the building remains unoccupied until the electrical panels can be repaired and recertified safe.

Approximately 80 folks who live there were evacuated. Management is paying for those residents to stay at the Jung Hotel across the street until further notice.

When we stopped by Canal 1535, we saw Nathan van der Rest going back and forth between the Jung Hotel and his home.

“Honestly, I just want to get home and be home during the day to get work done. It would be nice to be allowed in for more than a few minutes. Right now, we are allowed in to get some stuff, but I just want to go home,” he said.

Right now crews are working to repair everything safe.

Management said it could take up to two weeks before residents can safely return home.

“Especially not knowing what is going to happen and how long we will be out has been the hardest,” van der Rest said.

Rooms at the Jung Hotel will be paid for until the residents can move back in. Management has urged residents to open claims with their renter’s insurance companies and to keep receipts for food and incidentals for reimbursement.

In a statement Canal 1535 said, “Unfortunately even putting a rush on the parts– the repairs to the breakers could take roughly two weeks. We understand this is extremely frustrating for our residents, but their safety, and the community’s compliance with local building codes is our first priority. If there is any way to speed up the process and still make sure everyone is safe, we will pursue it. We appreciate our residents’ continued patience as we navigate this situation.”

Canal 1535 opened in early 2020, and there are 330 apartment units.


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