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New Orleans EMS has announced on Tuesday evening that more than half of it’s EMS employees have been exposed to COVID-19.

At this point, numerous testing results are pending. None of the New Orleans EMS employees have tested positive for COVID-19 as of Tuesday evening.

94 of its 170 employees have been exposed to the virus, and 28 of the 94 employees that have been exposed are showing symptoms. Those showing symptoms are currently being isolated at home.

Chief of New Orleans EMS Bill Salmeron states,

“Because of the extreme increase of calls to 9-1-1, New Orleans EMS has temporarily amended policy to allow for basic life support transports…This will allow us to easily staff ambulances as we are experiencing a shortage in paramedics due to health reasons.”

The employees not showing symptoms will continue to work as long as they wear masks and are not showing symptoms.

Here’s the latest tweet from the New Orleans EMS:

A full transcript of the release: