84-year-old woman reunited with her pet parrot after United Way of NELA clears damage from Hurricane Laura


MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD) — Katherine Powell left her house on August 27th after Hurricane Laura left a huge tree dangling over her home.

“It was a scary situation. I was really worried about my pets being here by themselves, but they kept telling me everything was all right, so I just went along with it,” said Katherine Powell, the homeowner.

Powell’s daughter then called United Way of Northeast Louisiana for help with the tree and Saturday they cleared out the damage from Laura allowing Powell to return home safe and sound.

“I appreciate every bit of it and I would’ve loved to thank them,” said Powell.

While Powell was away from her home, she stayed with her son and when she heard it was safe to return, she said, “My son picks me up and he said you don’t want to stay with me and I said no it’s not that, bubba, there’s no place like home.”

However, a big reason Powell says she couldn’t wait to go back home is that she wanted to be with her pet parrot, poncho.

“I don’t know what I’d do without him to tell you the truth, I’d miss him,” said Powell. She says Poncho means everything to her and he checks up on her every day.

“He told me awhile ago when you were in the kitchen and my friend was in here and he said are you all right and I said yea baby, mama’s all right,” said Powell.

Now, thanks to United Way, Powell and Poncho are reunited safely after hurricane Laura and Powell says she’s happy to be with her baby again.


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