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NEW ORLEANS – According to a report by the Violence Policy Center, Louisiana is ranked second in the nation when it comes to women murdered by men.

Self-defense can be key to escaping a violent situation.

Mushin Training Center in Metairie offers self-defense classes for women to teach them how to correctly use their body, as a weapon.

“To defend yourself, there are times, not all the time, but times when you might have to strike someone first and under the law, that is ok,” said Myron Gaudet.

Gaudet is co-owner of the training facility and teaches multiple classes including self-defense, boxing and cage fighting.

There are 3 self-defense moves every woman should learn. They are simple yet effective.

“Elbow, palm, and knee,” said Gaudet.

Using these key body parts can cause serious injury to your attacker including a deep gash to the head. Which could give you time to run away.

“If you are in some kind of disaster scenario, or you are in some kind of situation that’s abruptly suddenly dangerous, everything changes in your body. You have a massive fear spike,” said Gaudet.

It is important not to freeze in fear, but to react immediately.

According to Gaudet, if you understand these tactics, and you use them in a way within reasonable expectation, you can definitely get away from someone.

Mushin Training Center will host a Women’s Personal Safety Workshop on October 19th.  For details visit