16 Arrested In Prostitution Sting

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HOUMA, LA – More than a dozen men have been arrested in Houma and charged with Soliciting for Prostitutes.

Houma Police have wrapped up a two-day undercover sting.

“I think that’s horrible, and I think it’s a good thing that they picked them up,” neighbor Tin Raffray said.

Word of the prostitution sting is traveling fast in Houma.

According to police, scores of men are turning to backpage.com looking to trade cash for sexual favors.

This weekend some got more than they bargained for.

When they showed up at a local hotel to meet the woman they’d contacted online it ended badly.

“When they ended up at the location, when the individual agrees to pay for the sexual favors the officers go in and make the arrest,” Houma Police Chief Todd Duplantis said.

prostitutionOn the first day of ‘Operation Scoop Up’ nine men were arrested for Soliciting for Prostitution.

No sympathy from Tina Raffray.

“They got what they deserved,”  Raffray said.

Investigators say, in recent months street-level prostitution in Houma has been on the decline.

But after this weekend’s arrests its clear on-line prostitution is up.

The second day of the sting ended with seven more arrests.

Luke Naquin applauds police efforts.

“I think that great, catch them in the act,” Naquin said.

In all police arrested 16-men who allegedly planned to pay for sex.

Police describe the suspects as a wide range of individuals, of all ages, and ethnic backgrounds.

“It’s people with jobs; good paying jobs that we’re finding were involved,” Chief Duplantis said.

‘Operation Scoop Up’ may be over, but Houma Police vow to do more to clean things up.

“I think that’s a good thing,” Raffray said. “That should have been done long ago.”

Houma Police also arrested a female during the sting.

She’s accused of running a similar on-line operation.


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