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HOLLYWOOD, Ca -  Nobody battles the bad guys like Black Lightning.

He's the new TV superhero who holds electricity in his hands. He holds it just long enough to use it to fight for what's really right.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood is in Hollywood with the cast of Black Lightning.

Wild Bill Wood says to the star, "you are a hero for social justice."

Cress Williams, who stars as Black Lightning says, "yea, yea and that's a great added element to our show.  It's an added dimension to our show that I think is part of the reason it's so fresh and new and that what will make it successful."

Black Lightning is not solo in the show.  He has a family. He has two daughters.

He's a dad. He's an ex-husband. And he's a high school principal who's just trying to be a regular guy and trying to suppress his super powers.

Those powers are the ability to harness and use electricity one lightning bolt at a time to fight against bad guys and to fight for social justice.

The show is based on the DC comics character.

In the show, Black Lightning has a friend, a confidant.

He's Peter Gambi and he's played by actor James Remar.

You remember James Remar.

He starred in Dexter as Harry Morgan , a wise, compassionate, adoptive father.

When WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood  asks him just exactly who his character is on Black Lightning, he responds.

James Remar says, "I think you have to ask Black Lightning who I am. To me, he's like a son and somebody I admire and look out for and who means the world to me."

Cress Williams says, "I see him as a confidant, a father figure and a friend."

Williams says, "he trained me in a lot of things that I do."

You'll see all the things they all do on Black Lightning.

Watch it Tuesday nights at 9 pm in New Orleans on NOLA 38 - the CW.


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