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NEW ORLEANS — When you think of Valentine’s Day, you probably think of conversation hearts that typically say something like ‘Be Mine,’ or ‘Kiss Me.’

To avoid the status quo, one local baker has created conversation hearts out of sugar cookies, and they are covered in New Orleans slang.

“We have, ‘You tryna yea?’ which is the most popular one that was everybody’s favorite. ‘Be my trade’ was another one. ‘Say Red, My Little Sweetie, Say Love,’ just basically anything I could think of that a man would probably say in this city. I was like ‘Put it on a cookie. Why not? Let’s see how it goes,” jokes Daniela Brenes, the owner of Sugar Deaux.

Daniela started Sugar Deaux because of her love for sugar cookies, but she said no body knew how to do it the correct way.

“There are so many different flavors, and I wanted to just have my own unique and moist and soft and not too crunchy sugar cookie,” says Daniela.

After playing with different ingredients, she found the perfect recipe, and her husband urged her to start her own business.

She also had encouragement from her friends and other families members to pursue her passion.

“I kept getting tips and pointers from other cookiers, and they were like try your own, tweak it your own way,” says Daniela.

Her core group supported all of her cookie adventures, but weren’t too keen on the idea of a New Orleans slang cookies set.

She went against the grain, made them anyway, and they became a social media sensation.

She’s now at over 90 pre-orders for the slang cookie sets.

“When I posted that sample, that was it. Everybody was just like, ‘This is such a New Orleans love story,” Daniela jokes.

“I’m glad it was different. I’m glad it was something people could be like yea, I like this. This is something I could give.”

They’re the perfect Valentine’s day gift for the Nola lovers at heart.

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