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LAPLACE, La. (WGNO) – Here at Jacob’s World Famous Andouille in LaPlace, the name says it all. It’s Jacob’s, it’s andouille and, you guessed it, the pork palace is smack dab in the andouille capital of the world. “Jacob’s was the first establishment that sold andouille in LaPlace,” says Simone Rel with Jacob’s World Famous Andouille. It turns out Jacob’s success is partly due to a title bestowed by former Gov. Edwin Edwards back in the ’70s, making LaPlace the official andouille capital of the world. And if you need more convincing, the ever-popular Andouille Festival that was started by the people of LaPlace back in 1972 pays homage to the specialty sausage.
“Everybody likes andouille, and you can just cut it up and just eat it, or you can cook with it and it adds that special flavor to your food. It’s a good sausage,” says Rel. Back in the day, the sausage was consumed in the homes of both Germans and French, but it’s the smoking that separates one style of andouille from another, hence the name ahn-doo-ee, or “of the people” sausage. It continues to draw in crowds of hungry sausage enthusiasts in the thousands to St. John the Baptist Parish each and every October. “It’s a nice festival. It’s family oriented, a good place to hang out on the weekend. Lot’s of fun,” says rel. The Andouille Festival is Friday, Oct. 14 – Sunday, Oct. 16 at Thomas F. Daley Memorial Park. Click here for a full schedule of events.