White Christmas dreams come true with Santa, a saber and champagne at Brennan’s

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NEW ORLEANS – If you were dreaming of a White Christmas in New Orleans, your dreams came true.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood has the holiday weather at just the right spot in the French Quarter.

It’s at Brennan’s at 417 Royal Street in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Brennan’s has been a New Orleans tradition since 1946.  And every holiday season, the courtyard at Brennan’s gets snow.

It gets snow from a couple of show business snow blowing machines set up in the corners of the courtyard.

The machines make Hollywood snow.  That’s snow just like the snow that’s made for movies and television shows.  It’s special effects snow.

It’s the kind of snow that falls in the background when the setting is supposed to be snowy Vermont and the movie or TV show is being shot in Louisiana.

Do you know what this snow is made out of?

It’s not water.

It’s not ice either.

It’s actually snow that’s made from soap.  And the flakes get pretty big.  And the trees in the courtyard get a nice coating of soapy snow.

And people who showed up at Brennan’s for happy hour on the Friday before Christmas got the chance to get liquored up and lathered up all the the same time.

While it was snowing at Brennan’s, another holiday tradition was happening.

Santa showed up with a bottle of champagne.  And when Santa arrives with bubbly at a snowy happy hour, there’s just one way for the jolly old elf to open the bottle of champagne.

He doesn’t pop the cork.

He opens the champagne with a saber, a sword.

Santa slices it open and pours glasses of holiday cheer.

Now that’s really a “ho, ho, ho” moment for the holidays and every day.





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