When this New Orleans kid breathes in, the Saints breathe out a win

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 Ben Blevins believes in breathing.

Ben is the 11-year-old conductor of a 668 student symphony of inhaling and exhaling.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood is watching Ben Blevins on his stage.

It's at New Orleans Lusher Charter School.  And it's during Lusher Charter School's Mindful Monday  student assembly.

Ben Blevins is so mindful, he's now one of Wild Bill's Amazing Kids brought to you by your friends at the Keating Law Firm.

Mindful Monday is strategically and breathtakingly about a week ahead of New Orleans Saints Football Sunday.

Wild Bill asks Ben Blevins is by breathing the Saints will be winning.

Ben Blevins says, "of course they win, it's just, the breath, the breath wins it, it does."

Ben is the basketball playing fifth grader who came up with concept of how to share the power of the breath.  Anybody can do it.

Anybody can share it with say, the Saints.

And all season, with Ben breathing, the Saints were winning.

Wild Bill Wood asks Ben the breather, "what does breathing have to do with football?"

Ben says, "it's kind of complicated, bear with me here."

Ben explains, "as the breath diffuses into the air, it will float into the Superdome and Drew Brees will and everyone else will go and breathe and they will have the Saints breath and that will empower them through the game, that is how they will win."

Ben is a straight-A-student who plans to be a doctor one day.  He's a kid who started talking before he was just one year old.  He first word was "ball" as in football.

No doubt, Ben's second word must have been breathe.

Wild Bill says, "who knew breathing was so important?"

Ben Blevins says, "oh it's very important, it doesn't just keep you alive, that's its second function, it's mainly for winning football.

Don't gasp, by breathing and playing guitar got Ben a big part in the school play.

Standing in front of his school, he's the star who's just been named student of the year. Life really is like football.

Sometimes you win; sometimes you lose.

But you're always better off if you do as Ben Blevins does.

Just breathe.


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