When a birthday cake won’t work: celebrate with a 300-foot-long po-boy

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NEW ORLEANS - Sometimes a birthday cake just won't work.

Sometimes you need something else.

One of those times is right now.

Right now, New Orleans is celebrating its birthday.  New Orleans is 300 years old.

A cake would be okay.

But not as perfect as the city's most famous sandwich.

That is the po-boy.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood is live at Parkway Bakery and Tavern at 538 Hagan Avenue in New Orleans.

That's where the birthday po-boy is being built.  That's where the birthday po-boy is being eaten.

It's not just another po-boy.

For a big birthday, it's a big po-boy.

In fact, it is 300-feet-long.

The chef who's creating the monster of a meal is Justin Kennedy.

Justin Kennedy is stuffing the sandwich with fried shrimp and opening up to feed the masses who want to party for the city's tricentennial.

Wild Bill wonders why Justin Kennedy it taking on such a culinary challenge.

“We only turn 300 years one time,” Justin Kennedy reminds us all.

And he adds, "if somebody says why, I just say why not?"

And Justin Kennedy adds to that, "who’s going to argue with someone giving away a 300-foot shrimp po-boy?”

The snack serving happens in Parkway Bakery and Tavern's parking lot, outside.

It's a big deal and a big recipe.

It will take 130 loaves of French bread.

It will be filled with 200 pounds of Gulf shrimp.

Since the feast is going on the day before Halloween, don't be surprised if the po-boy fans arrive and eat in costume.

It is New Orleans.







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