What state drinks the earliest when working from home? Spoiler alert: it’s not Louisiana

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NEW ORLEANS – According to a survey, the average Louisiana employee working from home starts drinking at 5:18 pm. At-Home Happy Hour starts earliest in West Virginia, where they start drinking at 3:24 pm, while Hawaii residents wait until 7:30 pm. The national average for the first drink of the day was 4:36 pm.

Alcohol.org conducted a study of 3,300 workers who are currently working from home to find out how their drinking habits have changed during the lockdown.

Many people prefer to keep business and pleasure separate and choose to drink only on weekends. However, now that weekdays and weekends seem to blur together, 1 in 5 people who previously drank only during the weekends say they now drink during the week. Broken down by gender, 25% of men admitted to this compared to 23% of women.

An increase in drinking often means an increase in hangovers, and 1 in 10 people (15%) confess to experiencing more hangovers during lockdown than before it started.

For those choosing to drink, 37% said part of the reason is that it is easier to cope with hangovers during lockdown. Presumably, this is because they are in the comfort of their own home, able to sleep it off for longer, and they have easy access to water and snacks to get them through the day. It also means they don’t have to commute anywhere or face colleagues directly.

Some countries have prohibited alcohol sales during lockdown, and 14% of respondents believe the same should be done during this period. Others did not share that sentiment – nearly the same amount of respondents (12%) said they had stockpiled alcohol in case availability was limited.

View this infographic for a state-by-state breakdown of drinking times.


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