What makes this ‘miracle grow’? An old laundry truck gets a new load

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NEW ORLEANS – You may see it rolling down the streets of New Orleans.  You may, in fact, have to give it a second look.

It’s a truck filled with, well, it’s not food.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood says, it’s flowers  and plants, mostly.

It’s a nursery on wheels.  A greenhouse to go. And it’s on the go.

It’s the invention of one horticulturist.

She’s a mom.

She and her two daughters are working with to spread the green across New Orleans and maybe around the world.

According to the creators, it’s like a food truck, but with flowers and plants and things that grow and bloom.

The name of the nursery rolling around the city is FAIT NOLA.  The truck is actually an old laundry truck that’s been reconfigured so that flowers and plants have a home.

FAIT NOLA goes to festivals and events around New Orleans showing and selling what’s on the inside.

To re-make the old laundry truck into what works for plants, they had to start at the top, with the roof.

The roof of the old laundry truck was flat.

The roof for the greenhouse is pitched.  It’s a greenhouse roof.

That helps with the heat flow. And it gives the plants and the people inside more room to move and to grow.

It’s not just the truck that stands out.  So do what’s growing.

They’re not the normal plants you see around New Orleans.

When you see FAIT NOLA, you’ll know your corner of the New Orleans world is about to get a little greener.

To find out where if it’s headed to your corner of the world, just click right here.




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