“We Got Rugs” gets attention from “Who Dat?” Nation

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Hammond – It is a rug that could be spotted from the roof of the Superdome.

“We Got Rugs” is bringing the Black & Gold to a floor near you.

DeIsreal Williams says, “it’s the admiration for the team. I love the Saints. I’m from Louisiana. Lived here all my life.”
Williams is the mastermind along with his ex-father-in-law.

They’re hand-made in Peru, and use the fur from an alpaca.

The alpacas are sheered and it takes two months for the order to make it’s way from Peru, back to the U.S.

But with working with his ex-father-in-law in Peru, means that Williams is still working side by side with his ex-wife, Laura.

“You still work with your ex-wife?” I asked.

“ex wife.”

“How’s that going?”

“It’s not easy. It’s not easy. It’s a task. We were married 15 years. We’ve been divorced about five.”

However Laura says “we have a good relationship, we’re good friends, he’s a good father.”

“Learning each other all over again. Just communicating. That’s what it’s all about, having genuine communication with each other,” says Williams.

Now the two exes have learned to work well with each other, and have made a successful business out of these rugs.

They have caught the eyes of certain Saints’ players.

One being a favorite of Williams, Alvin Kamara.

While Williams was out selling rugs in LaPlace, someone from Kamara’s camp saw it, and snapped a picture.

“Basically he seen it, he liked it, he said ‘wow, who made this?'”

Now his mission is to get that rig to Alvin Kamara before the season starts.


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