Walmart cashier surprised with car after chance encounter with police officer

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Slidell – Anita Singleton no longer has to walk several miles to get to work, all thanks to a chance encounter with a police officer early Sunday morning.

Officer Bradley Peck saw Singleton walking to work, along a narrow bridge in Slidell, he picked her up thinking she was going to the Walmart that was closest.

“She said ‘no baby, I’m headed to the Northshore.’ I said ‘ma’am that’s a really long walk, why don’t you jump in and I’ll give you ride over there.’ She climbed in and we talked the entire way. Like I said in my Facebook post, from faith to life lessons. How I was raised, how she was raised. It was really cool, super sweet lady Got her to Walmart, shook hands, and she went on into work,” Officer Peck says.

“We just had a wonderful interaction with one another on that morning,” Anita said.

Officer Peck wrote a Facebook post about their encounter.

That post caught the attention of Matt Bowers’ Chevrolet dealership.

They decided to give her the choice between two cars.

Paying the insurance and all the bills that came with it.

“I was momentarily speechless. This is an incredible blessing. I’m so very grateful for it, I really am,” Singleton says.

Her commute to work is now easier. No longer will she have to wake up at 4:30AM to make it to work for 7AM.

Officer Peck is inspired by her work ethic, before he left the dealership he said “work like Ms. Anita. I’m gonna work harder now. I feel like I’m slacking.”

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