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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)- A new movie called, “Self/less” is using a Baton Rouge phone number to create buzz for the new flick.

“Self/less” is the new movie from Focus Features starring Ben Kingsley and Ryan Reynolds.  It was shot in Hollywood South.  In the movie, Kingsley’s character is dying, so he undergoes a radical medical procedure, where his consciousness is transferred into Reynold’s healthy body.

In the trailer for “Self/less”, you can see the phone number (225)-330-7040, which is the phone number for the fictional body swapping center known as “Phoenix Biogenic”. Kingsley’s character calls the number for the body transformation.  In the movie, “Phoenix Biogenic” is set in Manhattan.

As Louisianians know, (225) is the area code for Baton Rouge.  Guess what?  If you call the phone number, you’ll actually hear a message that’s set up to take calls as if it really is the body swapping center— “Phoenix Biogenic”.

The phone number is being used as a marketing gimmick to create buzz for the movie.  When you call you can choose to receive movie updates.  Data rates may apply.

“Self/less” opens in theaters on July 31st.