Uncorked: Loud or ‘proper’? How do you open sparkling wine?

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – You can tell a lot about a person by the way they open sparkling wine.

Our friends at Brady’s Wine Warehouse tell us that there are really only two ways to open a bottle of sparkling.

The first is loud, and the second is “proper,” according to Brady’s General Manager Richard Ellis.

“The loud camp shouldn’t be discounted,” he says. “When people hear that anywhere in a room, that brings a smile. To some degree, this is about making people happy.”

As fun as the loud “pop” is, there are some definite advantages to the proper, quieter method.

“You are not going to lose as much of the wine itself, and the gas, which makes it bubbly,” Ellis says.

Watch the video above to learn the “proper” way to open a bottle of sparkling.

If you have any questions about wine or spirits, stop by Brady’s Wine Warehouse, check out their Facebook page or send an email to info@bradyswinewarehouse.com.


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