Uncorked: How long does wine last?

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NEW ORLEANS -- As a wine consultant, Richard Ellis with Brady's Wine Warehouse gets this question a lot: "How long will my wine stay good once it's been opened?"

The short answer, Ellis says, is one to two days, depending on the structure of the wine.

There are two things you can do to preserve your wine. One is to remove some of the oxygen and the other is to lower the temperature.

Ellis says the temperature part is easy. Just put it in the fridge!

If you're trying to remove oxygen, there are three ways to do it: you can put it in a smaller bottle with less oxygen, use a vacuum pump, or use an inert gas like argon, which is slightly heavier than oxygen.

Putting that gas in the bottle forms a small layer at the top of the wine, preventing it from interacting with the oxygen.

If left undisturbed and put in the fridge, it can last weeks, months and even up to a year.

If you have any questions about wine, stop by Brady's Wine Warehouse, check out their Facebook page or send an email to info@bradyswinewarehouse.com.


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