An alcohol checklist for planning a party

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(WGNO) - Adam Acquistapace of Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket knows how to throw a party, and he's ready to share the secret! Acquistapace revealed a few tips to help the party planner, plan the party.

Buying alcohol for a party is always a tricky task. Let's say you’re having a party for 50 people. Remember that everyone differs in their drink preferences. You’re going to have wine drinkers, spirit drinkers and beer drinkers. And it's possible there will be some overlap.

If you’re having 50 people over, you don’t need wine for 50 people. It's more likely that you'll need wine for 30 people, spirits for 10 people, and beer for 10 people. A good rule of thumb is a drink and a half per person for the first hour, and then one drink per person every hour after that.  At a 3-hour party for 50 people, that's an average of 175 drinks consumed.

Here's the alcohol checklist:

  • When picking wine, don’t make it complicated.  Go with 2 whites, 2 reds, and a sweet or sparkling wine.
  • The most important spirits are the brown spirits. Play it safe and stick with Crown Royal, Jack Daniels or bourbon. A 750ml bottle makes 17, 1.5 oz shots. Buy 2 bottles.
  •  The second most important spirits contain vodka, so grab a bottle of vodka.
  •  Beer is lower alcohol, but the drinks are the same. Treat beer like wine.  Some people may have one, two or three, but no one will have their own 6-pack.

Bottom like, keep it simple.  Don’t complicate things.  Keep in mind: a drink and a half per person for the first hour and one drink every hour after that.

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