TV reporter gets in the middle of a bee hive swarming a Louisiana home

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GRETNA, La.- Fall is the peak season for honey extraction for bee keepers. But, when the bees get too much for a local woman; a local bee removal company gets to work. Twist reporter Adam Bowles went along for the wild and buzzing ride.

The Busy Bee Company out of Marrero is busy ‘as bee’ living dangerously.  “We get phone calls as in this case from a young lady saying she has a situation with bees,” Glenn Gueho says.  “She wants it to be resolved but she didn’t want the bees to be killed so this is where we step in.”

Their misson: a woman’s house on the Westbank with a 3-by-3 foot bee hive in her shed.

“Then we go up and we feel the nest site where the comb the brood and the honey is located,” Glenn says.

We zeroed in on the nest.  Now it’s time to get to work.  Before we breach the hive, we have to establish a connection.  “We look at the bees. We put our hand next to them,” Glenn says. Gueho actually touches the bees with his bare hands!

“I’m talking to them.”

Now its time for the battle with 20,000 bees. Even the professionals suffer through a few battle scars.

“I’ve been stung, so they’re going to go into protection mode at this point,” a professional says. The video shows Adam is actually shocked that he is so close to bees after a worker has already has been stung.

But, the job must be done. “This is probably the craziest thing I ever done in my entire life,” Adam says.

Soon the war is over, but not one bee was killed.  “We do need these bees for pollinating factors, and they do serve a purpose,” Glenn says.

All of the bees will be transported to Marerro to pollinate on a honey farm. Because these guys live dangerously, the earth gets more beautiful and sweeter.

Adam was actually the one to capture the queen bee in his container and that means the colony was saved!



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