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ST. FRANCISVILLE, La. — It’s been making headlines online across the globe. A news reporter’s encounter with a possible ghost while filming at the haunted plantation just two hours from New Orleans.

Built in 1796 on  what is believed to be an ancient Indian burial ground, The Myrtles Plantation offers something different in these parts of St. Francisville.

“You can’t help but fall in love with this property,” Tour guide Robert Steinback says. “The more you know about it, the more you realize that this was, this is, a piece of history that cannot be replicated. There are other Antebellum homes throughout Louisiana and the South, but each one has its own story. This one has a unique story.”

The Myrtles Plantation is one of the most visited plantations in the area and they say it is because it’s believed to be haunted. Actually, 12 spirits supposedly live there, but the owners say they’re all friendly spirits.

You can spend the night at the plantation, but you’re not allowed to have a séance or bring in Ouija boards. The owners do not allow anything that can open the door to evil spirits.

It was while reviewing our video that we realized we may have captured one of the Myrtles supernatural residents. During Vanessa Bolano’s standup in the French Room a quick flash can be seen. When slowed down the cloudy image appears first behind her head by a white door and disappears behind her body, then reappears on the reporter’s dress and becomes more visible off her left shoulder.

The image moves so fast that the video was slowed to 10% of its original speed which is why Bolano appears to be frozen.

Steinback says the French Room is also known as the most haunted room in the most haunted house of America.

“So we believe the spirits in the house remember that furniture from the days that they were alive. this house has seen a lot of tragedy. Some of these stories vary in terms of what we can document and what are just legends that have been handed down, but we know there has been a lot of tragedies over the years,” says Steinbeck, “It’s a reputation you can’t create. The house has to actually have that reputation and live up to it for more than two centuries.”

The current owners don’t live in the home anymore. Instead, it’s maintained as a tourist attraction and bed and breakfast for courageous souls.

“It’s not that they were creating a tourist attraction and said let’s make a haunted house out of it. It’s that they realized they had a haunted house and why don’t we invite some tourists in to see,” says Steinback.

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