The Victory Belles are jazzing up the National World War II Museum as their living exhibit

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NEW ORLEANS — They’re known for their red lips, 1940’s garb, and the spirit of days gone by.

The Victory Belles are lighting up the stage at BB’s Stage Door Canteen at the National World War II Museum.

The museum calls them their living exhibit, as folks get to interact with the Belles and watch them perform hit songs from that time period.

“We’re able to bring about one of the happier times and the nice memories from that period with the music that we choose to sing,” says one of the Victory Belles,
Hannah Rachal.

The group consists of 10 local women, and they can be found performing for crowds not only here in the museum, but also around the world.

“I’ve gotten the chance to go to Tokyo and Okinawa, Guam.  I think I’m on state number 24 now. I think when we travel it’s, we get to take everything that they’ve worked so hard here at the museum to portray, and we get to take that out and show that to the rest of the world,” says one of the original Victory Belles, Mandy Mueller.

During their performance they take the time to salute our different military branches, and get the crowd involved with the show.

“They’re 97 2020 and they are 18 again when we start singing, especially when we ask them to dance. There’s no wheelchairs, there is no canes, there’s just standing up and dancing. They are like, ‘Hold my cane,” Mandy jokes.

Representing our country near and far, the Victory Belles are keeping true patriotism alive.

“It gives me more perspective, it makes me love my job. There’s not many people that can say they love their jobs, but I love this job,” says Victory Belle, Jessica Mixon.

For the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the Belles will be touring in Europe and will end their tour on the beaches of Normandy for the D-Day Ceremonies.

For more information on the local shows at the National World War II Museum, click here.


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