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“People just instinctually feel that there are other beings around them during this time.” Psychic Cari Roy says this is the time of year when the veil between the living and dead is the thinnest. “If you are usually having a busy signal throughout the rest of the year, this is the time when your call is going to go through.”

If you think you’ve encountered a spirit or form of paranormal activity, Roy says the best tools aren’t ghost-hunting gadgets, they’re your own instincts and rationality.

“If there’s a knock on the door, hey, it might just be the postman, it’s not necessarily going to be some ghoul trying to work their way into your life. So you eliminate those things that could possibly be the explanations and if there are no other explanations, then chances are there is something paranormal,” says Roy.

But separating reality from fantasy can be tricky. Is there any truth behind the Hollywood horror stories?

“Annabelle, it’s a doll, it’s innocent… By infusing that with something nefarious, something evil, it makes us all scared because if a doll isn’t sacred and just the sign of childhood innocence then it feels like no place is safe. I’ve never experienced that, although, in New Orleans we have our tradition with voodoo dolls and in that respect sometimes dolls can be used for bad purposes.”

“ Ouija boards, spirit boards of themselves are just a piece of particle board. That by itself, it’s an inanimate object it’s not evil, but what happens I think is that people unprepared go in and mess around and you don’t want to open doors that you don’t know how to close. The departed, really ghosts, hauntings all of those things, those are human beings that just don’t have bodies anymore. There are going to be a certain amount of people in the spirit population that are up to no good the way the same way there are a sector of people in the living world up to no good,” says Roy.

Given New Orleans history, if it’s spirits that you seek, you’re in the right place.

“New Orleans is without question, America’s most haunted city. There’s drinking, there’s drama and those are the ingredients to a haunting.”