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NEW ORLEANS — It’s one of the largest collections of vintage pinball and retro games in the south, and you can find it inside of an old church.

However, only exclusive members may enter.

You have to be a part of the Mystic Krewe of the Silver Ball in order to enter their holy gathering place known as the “PinChurch.”

The creator of pinchurch, Mike Perry, says his love of pinball machines started as a simple hobby.

“I had been collecting games and working on them, and that started from just getting one pinball machine that I remember seeing as a kid. I basically had to learn from the ground up how to repair these things,” says Mike Perry.

His hobby gained some attention from other collectors in the community, and that’s when he decided to create the club.

Members now meet several times inside of this old church that was reconstructed into a pinball paradise.

“It was abandoned after Katrina. We took this whole building and completely renovated it and turned it into this space you see here which we call the “PinChurch,” says Perry.

The krewe has over 100 pinball machines in their collection.

The oldest pinball machine dates back to 1932.

So, if you’re looking for the holy grail of vintage gaming, look no further.

“Pinball is really basically a battle of you against gravity. You use your flippers, you keep the ball in play, and the objective is, like life, to stay in play as long as you can,” says Perry.

To check out some of these retro games, you can visit the Mystic Krewe of Pinball Parlor on St. Claude Avenue that is open to the public.

However, if you desire to enter into the PinChurch, you have to be a member of the krewe.

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