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MANDEVILLE, LA– There’s a group of friends have been using music to inspire children to appreciate the arts and to know more about Louisiana culture.

May 5th, 1895, African American residents of Mandeville, Louisiana opened up, what is now the oldest jazz hall in the world– The Dew Drop.

Since that start, the Dew Drop has shared the gift of jazz music to the world.

In 2015, the music is now a movement, started by the Friends of the Dew Drop; a local organization that looks after history and it’s legacy.   The friends of the Dew Drop started “Jazz Kids, ” an education program designed to transmit music appreciation to the students, pre kindergarten through high school.

Prominent musicians and masters of the musical craft demonstrate culture and teach music to students during assemblies.

Grammy award winning artist, Chris Thomas King, visited Pitcher High School recently as a Jazz Kids feature and he believes that keeping indigenous music alive is important.

“It tells our story.  The best way to get this message out is to reach the young people. I try to inspire them. Learn who you are and try to express yourself as best you can and you’ll find your way,” said King.

So far, the Jazz Kids Program has had over 40 assemblies at 30 schools in St. Tammany Parish.

The hope is to expand to all 55 schools in the parish.