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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Nearly 3 years ago, a fire destroyed the Hubig’s Pie bakery in the Marigny.  New Orleanians are still missing those pies! In fact, a local fashion designer loves the pies so much, she decided to make a Hubig’s Pie bikini.  News with a Twist Reporter, Kenny Lopez shows you this food-friendly fashion!

“I really miss Hubig’s Pies, and I could really go for a coconut fried pie right now,”  Michele Marcombe, Owner of NOLA Bikinis, said.

Marcombe said the desire for these pies is still burning after the fire that destroyed Hubig’s in 2012.  To satisfy the lack of Hubig’s in all of our lives, she created something that won’t got to your hips, but for you to wear on your hips.

“To top it off like good whipped cream, we did the Hubig’s Pie bikini.  It’s also available in tankinis and one pieces.  We took the classic NOLA bikini and focused on the fabrics.  We really want the Hubig’s label to stand out on the fabric,”  she said.

NOLA Bikinis models, Sara St. Pierre and Shelby Griggs love wearing the label of one of New Orleans’ most iconic items.

The swimsuits aren’t edible or scratch-n-sniff, but if you miss Hubig’s, these bikinis will sure you a little taste of your favorite pie.

“They definitely touch on the local flavor.  I think they look super cute and delicious.  I definitely still miss those pies.  I remember as a girl going to a place I used to call, ‘The Little Store’ to get a Hubig’s Pie,”  Marcombe said.

To order your very own Hubig’s Pie Bikini, click HERE:

Or you can pick one up at the NOLA Bikinis mobile boutique.

The Hubig’s Pie company started in 1921.  Today, the property is being redeveloped into condos.  No word yet on whether or not Hubig’s will ever return.