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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Sophie Berezinski left Russia for the United States in the 1920s, carrying 2,000 copper mugs, hand-crafted in her father’s factory.

“Sophie Berezinski was my great grandmother. Because the copper mugs were not selling, she ended up coming to America,” said J.J. Resnick, the owner of Moscow Copper.

But the mugs weren’t selling in the U.S. either. Sophie’s husband eventually told her, get rid of the mugs or he was throwing them out.

“So, Sophie started going door to door, and she had drive like no other!”

One day, she walked into a bar in Hollywood. That’s where she found her two business partners: John Martin, the owner of Smirnoff Vodka, and Jack Morgan, the owner of the “Cock and Bull” pub.
Morgan also had a stash of ginger beer.

“The three of them sat around, I can only imagine the number of cocktails they went through, but they sat around the table and just started making different drinks,” said Resnick.

Roughly a day later, the Moscow Mule was born in 1941, later launching vodka to popularity in the late 1940s. And while the desire for Moscow Mules waned during the Cold War, in the last decade, there has been a resurgence.

“Each holiday we are seeing bigger and bigger sales. But I don’t’ see the Moscow Mule going anywhere for a long time to come,” said Resnick.

And for the Moscow Mule lover, how about the copper flask? Or the traditional copper mug? And the best part: the recipe is on the back of the box.

“It produces more bubbles, but just this beautiful aroma comes out — if you’ve experienced a mule in a proper copper cup then you know exactly what I ‘m talking about,” said Resnick.

And whether you want a traditional cold one.

“First start with the ice then the vodka, then the ginger beer. Then squeeze the lime,” said Resnick.

Or maybe a modernized mule.

“We have the Sichuan mule, the Sicilian mule, you can do a Mexican mule with tequila,” said Resnick.

Remember, it won’t be quite right unless served in Sophie’s Moscow Copper cup.

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