The forecast for Kenner: Sneaux. In the same spot Gerry used to serve snowballs

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KENNER, La - Right here, Ben and little brother Lain clock into a hot-new-career.

New to these brothers, but it's a job that's as old and as cold as ice.

The Gorman Brothers, with help from mom Janice, serve up sugar-loaded-love at the Louisiana snowball stand they call Swamp Sneaux.

WGNO News with a Twist fun guy Wild Bill Wood is in the long line in front of the business at 4213 Williams Boulevard in Kenner, Louisiana.

Their brand-new-business-model has a future mainly because it has a history.

Swamp Sneaux used to be Gerry's, the snowball shop that closed after 30 years when Gerry Jones, the local lady who owned it died.

Her husband Ernie stopped by to see how a couple of kids carry on the tradition.

No better customers ever came to Gerry's than Lain and big brother Ben.  These guys spent practically half their childhood here.

And now, all grown up, the Gorman boys are back.

Because  a couple of brothers believe every snowball stand has a story, looks like this one is nowhere near the end.


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