The Blue Bike Bounty Hunter strikes again

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We've all heard that expression, "not all superheros wear capes."

That's correct, because some wear helmets.

Just ask this guy.

"I'm Josh Mackeen. I'm a dad, I'm a husband, I work in the CBD, and I'm the bike bounty hunter."

So what is a bike bounty hunter you may ask?

Here's how it works.

Josh keeps a look out for "Blue Bikes" in the city that are locked up in random spots, and then he returns them to a nearby hub.

It all started when he started using the bike share app to utilize New Orleans Blue Bikes on the way to work.

Then he noticed that there were random Blue Bikes that weren't returned to the hub.

These bikes were locked up in random spots, and he began to return the bikes to their proper homes.

That's when he discovered that each time he returned a bike he received a dollar credit.

For a $15 monthly user fee, he learned that 15 returned bikes equals one free month of service.

"I use the app. The app will tell you where the hubs are and where the lone bikes are," says Josh.

Right now, Josh turns in over 30 bikes a month.

He says the most bikes he has returned in one month is 65 bikes!

I guess you could say this is how he earned his name, "The Bike Bounty Hunter."

If you want in on the action, Blue Bikes is offering up a special deal for September.

Next month, New Orleanians can ride blue bikes for up to one hour each day at no charge.

The free hour is open to current and new subscribers to the program.

For more information, click here.


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