Tattooed on his back: more than 60 signatures from the New Orleans Saints

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METAIRIE, La – At Southern Tire,  a real southern gentleman is on the job.

His name is Brian Henry.

Brian’s job is changing tires.

Changing tires every day of his life.

Brian is also changing lives.

He’s living by his motto, no pain, no gain.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood says Brian’s motto travels from tires all the way to tattoos.

Brian Henry has more than 60 signatures from the New Orleans Saints, even Saints owner Gayle Benson, all tattooed on Brian’s back.

His back looks like the bottom of the United States Constitution.

Here’s how it happens.

Players like Saints Super Bowl champ Jeff Charleston show up to see Brian and sign Brian’s back with a Sharpie.

Then rushes over to his favorite New Orleans tattoo shop.

It’s called Catahoula Tattoo.

It’s located at 929 Broad Street in New Orleans.

Brian Henry is getting closer to getting into the Guiness Book of World Records in the category of Most Signatures from One Sports Team Tattooed on One Body.

Brian’s been a football fan since he was born.  In fact a Saints game was on the radio in the delivery room.

That was 38 years ago.

Brian Henry’s  tattooed body of work began about ten years ago.

Today, standing on the fifty-yard-line of his life and his team, Brian Henry has a dream.

And it’s coming true one name at a time.

And it’s giving the small-time tire guy a new name.

It fits.

It works.

It is totally Brian Henry.

He’s the Signature Saint.


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