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NEW ORLEANS – Thirsty?

Do you like your cocktail shaken or stirred?

WGNO News with a Twist features reporter Wild Bill Wood says you’ll definitely want it shaken after you see what just rolled into New Orleans, Louisiana.

It looks like a cement mixer.

It is in fact,  the Monkey Mixer.

Monkey as in Monkey Shoulder, the blended malt Scotch whisky.

It’s something to see.

It’s something to behold.

And guess how much the Monkey Mixer can hold?

It can mix up to 2,400 gallons of liquid.  That’s any kid of liquid that quenches your thirst as long as Monkey Shoulder is part of the cocktail recipe.

It’s on the streets of New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail or TOTC as you see signs around town.

Not only does the Monkey Shoulder Mixer do the mixing.  The mixer also does the serving. Just belly up to the machine’s chute for a sip.  Or a guzzle. Or whatever quenches your thirst at the moment.

Here are some fun facts about this bartender on wheels.

It can mix the equivalent of 12,000 bottles of Monkey Shoulder.

How long is it?

Well glad you asked because it’s 30 feet long.

How tall?

It’s thirteen feet tall.

And how wide is this bartender on wheels?

It’s eight feet wide.

It gets its energy from a diesel generator and it packs a sound system that will also knock you off your feet.

The colossal cocktail shaker is part of the colossal Tales of the Cocktail, the party that sets the trend around the world teaching people about the great art of making and serving mixed drinks.