Super-sized king cake is fit for a king. Just don’t take a bite!

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KENNER, La – You know the season.

The season of all seasons.

It’s king cake season in and around New Orleans.

The cakes come in all shapes.

The cakes come in all sizes.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood says sometimes the king cakes are actually super-sized.

The man with the right recipe is Eddie Rhinehart.

Eddie used to be a chef.

Now he’s a New Orleans artist who cooked up a crazy idea.

Eddie’s idea is to create a king cake sculpture that would fill up an entire kingdom.

It’s twelve feet long.

It’s six feet wide.

Okay, so it’s the size of a small swimming pool.  The size of a kiddie swimming pool

Right now, the king cake is being served up at Eddie Rhinehart’s art gallery.

It’s called 3XPART.

It’s at The Esplanade in Kenner, Louisiana.

That’s for now.

And it’s actually for sale.

But if somebody doesn’t snap it up, the king cake sculpture will be on the move.

The plan is to make it the centerpiece of a king cake and Mardi Gras museum Eddie Rhinehart has in his mind.

How did this all get started, Wild Bill Wood asks Eddie.

Eddie Rhinehart says, “it started as a painting, then it went to a tiny sized sculpture, then it went to a bigger size and then it became the super-sized king cake that it is today.”

Now he’s working on the baby for the king cake.

The baby is the icing on the cake.

Eddie’s got a few finishing touches on the baby and then on the king cake which looks good enough to eat, but don’t try.

Eddie Rhinehart says, “some guy tried to eat it, bad idea.”

You can’t slice it.

The king cake is simply a slice, of New Orleans life.


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