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We have all experienced that moment when we lost something or realized we have forgotten our wallet or phone at a restaurant.

It’s sheer panic.

Uber just released its “Lost and Found” list, and there are some strange things people have left behind.

Here are some of the strangest things found in Ubers: 

10. Bible

9.   Wedding Outfit

8.   Lobster (from someone’s dinner)

7.   Grill Set

6.   Packets of Meat

5.   Bullet Proof Vest

4.   Vacuum Cleaner

3.   Taser

2.   Rubber Mallet

1.   Sweet Potato Care Package

Most Forgetful Cities in North America: 

10. Dallas

9.  Toronto

8.  Boston

7.  Atlanta

6.  Washington, D.C.

5.  Miami

4.  Chicago

3.  San Francisco

2.  New York City

1.  Los Angeles

Check out the full list here.


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