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All the time at a Louisiana clock shop

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METAIRIE, LA – It’s that time.

Time to change.

Saturday night, Sunday morning, move your clocks forward one hour.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood knows what time it is.

It is Daylight Saving Time.  That means time to save daylight by giving night time an extra hour of time.

That means we all lose an hour. Officially it happens Sunday morning at 2 am.

If you think changing all your clocks is a big job, it’s the full time job, a time consuming job for the man whose job is to take time into his own hands.

His name is Keith Christoffersen.

And Keith works at Northshore-Southshore Clock, Watches & Knives.

Wild Bill is chatting with him at the south-shore store which is at 6601 Veterans Boulevard, Suite 36 in Metairie, Louisiana.

That’s where it really is all about time.  Actually, it’s always about time at this Louisiana clock shop where Keith Christoffersen works at this point in time.

And as Keith Christoffersen knows, the true test of time for him comes twice a year.  That’s when Keith has the responsibility of adjusting an entire shop full of clocks.

Hundreds and hundreds of clocks.

All kinds of clocks in the shop.

Grandfather clocks.

Cuckoo Clocks.

Even hundreds of watches in the display case for Keith to take his time with.

And he’s doing all this, all because of Daylight Saving Time.

Wild Bill asks, “does Daylight Saving Time mean a lot of overtime for you?”

Keith Christoffersen says, “i do work late a lot this time of year.”

Keith is a pro.

He handles the time change like clock work.  That’s probably because it really is clock work for the guy who’s been in the business a decade.

He knows, for most of America losing an hour on a Sunday morning means gaining more sunshine which makes most people happy.

Once upon a time, Keith Christoffersen discovered  that Daylight Saving Time is job security.

Come the first Sunday in November, he’ll be back returning the hands of time to Standard Time.

And that probably means more overtime.

So this Sunday, March 10, move the hands of all your clocks forward.

And don’t forget to do it digitally, too.


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