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COVINGTON, La –  In most cases, the saying is, you have to see it to believe it.

In this case, WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood says you have to “hear” it to believe it.

At Marsolan Feed & Seed Store,  as Saturday morning  sweeps in, also  Covington customers come in.

They come in for the chicks.  They come in for a couple of cats. And they come in for Rosie the Rabbit.

Also customers can get chicken feet and pigs ears.

That’s what’s on the menu at Marsolan Feed and Seed Store in Covington, Louisiana.

Marsolan Feed and Seed Store is located at 314 East Gibson in Covington.

And right here, since 1939, they sell what you never see at the mall.

Wild Bill sees a customer and says, ” I don’t think I recognize this.”

The man says, “it’s a caccuzza, an Italian squash.”

Wild Bill says, “for dinner with a little red sauce.”

By mid-morning, it’s a lot of heavy lifting especially for a Saturday.

Owner Harvey Marsolan is on the move, “it sure is, but it’s always worth it.” Harvey and his team transform his Louisiana family feed and seed business into show business.

It’s been going on for seven years now.  Setting up in a corner of the store. On a stage. On Saturdays in the spring and fall.  It still smells like somebody’s garden.  But it sounds like bluegrass music.

Wild Bill asks one of the musicians on stage, “after the feed and seed store stage, what’s next, the Grand Old Opry?”

The man with the banjo says, “we don’t need no Grand Ole Opry.”

They don’t need it because they got this.

This is the Old Feed Store Music Series which gets started every October.