Sly Fox Investigations changes the detective scene with an all-female group

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NEW ORLEANS — They’re undercover right under our noses.

I’m talking about the all-female detective group known as “Sly Fox Investigations.”

This agency was founded by Brianne Joseph who is also the head investigator of Sly Fox.

“When I started about 14 years ago, it was a largely male dominated industry. There were approximately 60,000 P.I.’s in the U.S., only 15% were women, and only 3% were African American women. So, I really started the agency to invite and teach more women and introduce them to the profession,” says Joseph.

I got to see first hand some of the gear these women use like binoculars, a video camera, spy glasses, and a spy rear view mirror to name a few.

The group specializes in insurance fraud, infidelity, and child custody cases among other things.

One of the Sly Fox P.I.’s shared an interesting statistic with me, saying that in infidelity cases, they have more women who cheat than men.

No matter what the circumstance, these female detectives are always ready to crack the case wide open.

“A lot of the cases that we work actually put people in better situations, and I sleep well at night knowing that I had a part of that,” says Joseph.

There are 8 women total on the team.

Five are located in Baton Rouge,  and three are in New Orleans.

The majority of clients are defense attorneys, but Sly Fox Investigations also works for the general public.

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