Show at Le Petit Theatre explores New Orleans’ History of Cabaret

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The sounds of cabaret, vaudeville, and burlesque flow through the halls at the Le Petit Theatre, just off Jackson Square.

A show produced by local performers explores the history of their art in New Orleans and pays tribute to those artists before them.

“There’s a lot of history, a lot of heart, and a lot behind the scenes,” producer and performer Vinsantos says.

“Also able to create it in such a historical venue like Le Petit Theatre.”

Artists LadyBEAST and Vinsantos, two big names in the cabaret community, have teamed up with several of their fellow performers.

Bringing to life performances from days gone by, and pulling back the curtain on the artists who paved the way.

The show, Marquee, will have audience members brought back in time with a mini museum that will be set up inside the theater.

It will be full of pieces that were found from performers that brought the cabaret scene to life around 100 years ago.

“As a collector of vintage and antique items and objects, especially costumes and jewelry. I always feel like I can feel the history resonating off the pieces,” Vinsantos says.

“For me it is very heartfelt. I am a circus artists and I am a show girl and there’s and there’s this connection. Here this is almost 100 years old and here I am today still doing this still. With out these ladies, maybe I wouldn’t even be on the stage.”

Marquee is running from April 25-28, May 3-5 and June 6-9, at Le Petit Theatre.


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