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NEW ORLEANS — The Saintsations are known for bringing Who Dat Nation to their feet.

Before the season kicks off, we visit a practice where we discover one Saintsation who is a true saint.

Her name is Sarah Bass, and she is a single mom with a story to tell.

It all started when she learned she was having a baby at a young age.

“When I found out I was pregnant, I was freshly 19. It was about a week after my birthday. I didn’t know what was going to happen. I knew that I was going to have the baby, but there was a lot of negativity in my life,” says Sarah.

She gave birth to her daughter, Evelie.

The child is now 8 years old.

“I was a very isolated time. It was very dark. It was hard not to talk to somebody. We all want a relationship with someone, to speak to someone, and to vent to someone. I didn’t have that when I was pregnant,” says Sarah.

That’s when she decided to start a ministry called “Embrace Grace.”

It’s a group of single mothers that can lean on each other and confide in each other.

They meet every Wednesday night at a church in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

“I decided that I wanted to help other young girls and other teen moms and hold their hand and walk with them and let them chase their dreams, because that is what they want to do, not because they feel like that have to show anybody that they can,” says Sarah.

“They call me the single mom whisperer sometimes, because I’ll just be walking and I’m like, that is a single mom over there. I just know, and so I’m like I’m going to go talk to her and see if she’s okay,” says Sarah.

Evelie is following in her mom’s footsteps by becoming a dancer and supporting her mom as she cheers on the Saints.

“I just knew that I had to do what I loved and that she was going to do it with me. She’s just going to be by my side and we are just going to live an adventurous life of dreams, and that’s what we’ve done,” says Sarah.

This is Sarah’s third season as a Saintsation.

When she’s not on the field, she’s leading events like the “Share the Love” event which gives love boxes with baby clothes and gifts cards to young expecting mothers.

Keep a look out for Sarah at the Superdome as you watch the Saints take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this Sunday at noon.