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NEW ORLEANS — “Coach came to me last year and said, ‘I heard you’re opening a brewery, I want a beer.'”

“He took a chance on me in the 2006 draft, the least I could do was give him a cold one,” Zach Strief said with a laugh.

Strief opened up Port Orleans last summer in hopes of bringing more jobs to the city he now calls home.

For Strief, leaving New Orleans was “never an option,” and now he’s here to entertain on game day with a brew dedicated to the man who has brought the Saints their success, Coach Sean Payton.

“I knew it had to be the kind of beer that Sean would want to drink. That meant an easy-drinking beer. One to enjoy with friends on the beach, or as I’m looking forward to, one to enjoy while watching the game. Sean Gave me the biggest opportunity of my life; the least I can do is give him a cold one with his name on it. Here’s to you coach!”