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Former Saints kicker John Carney talks about getting inducted into the Saints Hall of Fame and his wife, Holly, discusses her new children’s book Wicked Not, which aims to change the negative stigma of stepparents.

Preliminary transcript:
Susy: Look who we have in the studio today. We’ve got former, beloved Saints kicker John Carney and his wife Holly. John, you’re about to be inducted into the Saints Hall of Fame.
John: Yes, very excited about that when from the Saints Hall of Fame gave me a call we were shocked and excited and amazed. Always a pleasure to come back here to New Orleans.
Susy: People want to know what you are doing these days.
John: Well, back in San Diego I wanted to ease into retirement doing stuff that I enjoy doing, so I coach, mentor, and train kickers, punters at the pro high school and college level. Have a lot of fun doing it. Put together a dvd to encapsulate everything I believe will help kickers and punters shorten their learning curves and experience success on the field.
Susy: Great, and you know we have Holly here and she’s not just here to support you to be with you at the ceremony tomorrow night. I think as a woman you’ve faced a couple of challenges being married to John. One would be when you are the other part of a marriage and the one person is popular and his name is out there. You’ve been on the sidelines for a lot of his career. Also you’ve faced this challenge of being a stepmother to his son Luke. You’ve been married 18 years now. Stepmother in our society is still an unpopular word.
Holly: It really is an unpopular word to the point where we never used it. Many people very good friends of ours had no idea I was not Luke’s biological mother. It just has a negative connotation to it because you immediately envision the wicked stepmother. By writing this children’s series and the first children’s series book “Wicked not.” I am able to give biological mothers freedom, biomom’s freedom and healing to understand that when their child is with a stepmother they will be loved. Just as well as when they’re with you. I’m a bio mom, so I want to know that when my children are not with me that they are that they’re well loved.
Susy: Well, Holly should we have a different word in our vocabulary that we should say instead of stepfather, stepmother, stepson.
Holly: I think love is all inclusive and when we introduce our family, this is our oldest son, this is his brother this is his sister. We don’t use those words.
Susy : Wo when does your book come out? When can we get it?
Holly: It will be out in December on and a myriad of bookstores as well. Monday morning at the Palmtree Playground I’ll be doing a reading. We took all our illustrations and enlarged them so all the children and parents can see.
Susy: That’s great. Thank you so much, John, for coming.