Saints Fans Sound Off on Loss to Patriots

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If there was one moment that expresses how Saints fans feel about that game, it was the look on Rob Ryan’s face when the New England Patriots made that last touchdown.

Twist reporter Deepak Saini talks to Who Dat fans who who are still having a tough time swallowing Sunday’s loss.

The game was in the bag for the Saints.

Saints fan Richard Statcho says, “I texted all my friends saying, Alright!  Go, Saints! 6-0!”

Then all of the sudden Tom Brady throws a touchdown pass.

Deborah Shatz says, “That game was crazy.  It was intense.”

Damon Crutchfield adds, “Disappointing.  That’s all I can say.”

“Disbelief.  Can this really be happening?” adds Lo Faber.

Shameka Williams says, “The game was almost there and we almost had to just in 4 seconds, take it away. No other word, heartbreaking.”

Naturally fans who bleed Black and Gold are calling out the referees.

Damon Crutchfield says, “They missed some calls.  I almost think we need to get the replacement refs back.  That’s how bad it is.”

Did the Patriot’s get away withholding during Tom Brady’s final touchdown pass?

But the most dramatic moment was the look on Saints Defensive Coordinator, Rob Ryan’s face.


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