Rougarou: The legend of the Cajun werewolf

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NEW ORLEANS — “A Rougarou, what is a Rougarou? For those of you not familiar, it’s a mythical creature that lingers in the swamps and the bayous,” says legend enthusiast from Witches Brew Tours, Rose Neil or, “Lady Rose.”

With the full buck moon upon us, the legend of part man and part wolf seems to be whispered throughout the French Quarter.

This is no ordinary werewolf.

It’s the of werewolf of Cajun folklore.

This story passed down over generations serves as a warning to the backslidden Catholic Church members and children who misbehave.

“If you are a Catholic, make sure you observe Lent. Seven years straight no Lent, you, too, can turn into a Rougarou. A child, behave yourself, or a Rougarou will get you,” says Lady Rose.

Even George Rodrigue’s famous Blue Dog series is said to be a combination of his dog Tiffany and of the werewolf-like mythological creature, the Rougarou.

“You see Blue Dog everywhere. That’s a hint of the modern day, saying that it is still here. It’s all around us,” says Lady Rose.

Legend has it that once turned into a Rougarou, you are under a spell for 101 days.

Then, the curse is transferred from person to person when the Rougarou draws human blood.

So, is the tale one that holds true?

“If a legend is to have any kind of longevity, it has to have just an ounce of truth,” says Lady Rose.

If so, beware of the Rougarou.

“There have been the sounds of howling beyond what a dog can produce. Is that the Rougarou. I don’t know? I’ll leave that up to you,” says Lady Rose.

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