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Are you a new, talented artist looking for a platform? Then this group is for you. It’s called RAW Artists and they showcase independent artists once a month in over 70 cities across the United States.

“Music performances, fashion shows, all kinds of visual art, all kinds of performing art,”  says Rachael Wingate, Director of RAW Artists New Orleans.

So who is in attendance? “Young, creative professionals who are looking to network together,” says Wingate.” The talent in New Orleans is out of the box, I think the attendees of the show really love that because it keeps things interesting. ”

Interesting like low-flying trapeze dancer Summer Baldwin who will be performing at the RAW Artists one year anniversary showcase called Kaleidoscope. “So I’ve taken the black and white, film noir style and transferred it to trapeze, it’s always in me to dance and to fly, it’s like going home, it might be a little unfamiliar and you have to be safe but it’s always there,” says Baldwin.  This will be her first trapeze performance in New Orleans and first time performing in over  a year and a half.

“RAW is a really unique platform for these independent artists, the event is a lot of fun, their friends can come drink and have a good time, listen to music and see fashion shows and at the same time the artists can be networking with each other and making things happen, ” says Wingate.

It’s been described as a mini indoor festival, kind of like a circus. Currently, they are seeking artists for the upcoming July showcase set for the 11th. To apply, you must visit their website

The June 13th showcase will take place at Eiffel Society at 7pm. Tickets are $10 before the show and $15 at the door.

For more information you can check out the Facebook page: