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NEW ORLEANS(WGNO)– Construction on the Rampart streetcar is underway and expected to wrap up this August. The $42 million project began in January and is ongoing through the summer. However, new technology will allow them to finish the remainder of the project in 30 days.

After the streetcar is installed they plan to connect the Rampart Street and Canal Street lines, which will take until the 3rd quarter of next year to complete.

Traffic will be negatively affected, of course, but the worst of it will begin July 12, 2015. The northbound lane of Canal Street between Burgundy and Liberty, and Rampart between Canal and Iberville will be completely shut down. Pedestrians will be guided via signs on where to walk.

Officials hope to finish the project in the next 4 weeks, but that will require nonstop, 24/7 construction.