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Winter is coming… but that’s no reason to slack on your perfect gym routine. You’ve done so good to keep up that rockin’ summer bod, and we don’t want to start slacking now! We know how easy it is to just have a “cheat day” or pretend to be “too busy” for the gym. So we’ve put together a list of products that we think will help you stay on track!


Are you drinking enough water? Let the H20COACH bottles let you know! Experts recommend drinking ½ ounce to an ounce per pound of body weight daily and tracking your intake isn’t always easy.

With the Drink More H20 bottle, you can see time markers with motivational phrases to keep you on track! This 36oz bottle shows you where you should be by the hour while encouraging you to start again when it’s time!

Need a little more flavor? This beverage holder includes a fruit infusion option, too!

The Drink More H20 bottle features:

  • Time tracker on the bottle so you can see how much you should drink by the hour!
  • Lightweight with a convenient carrying strap that makes it easy to take on the go!
  • Stylized shape so it fits comfortably in your hand!
  • Includes a fruit filter for infused water!
  • Holds 36 ounces!
  • Choose from 4 transparent colors that let you see your water levels: Pink, Gray, Blue and Green!
  • BPA Free and no chemical tastes or odors!
  • Durable and ready for hiking, the gym, the office, traveling and more!

Check out all the options here, starting at just $20!

Ring Bandits

Ring bandits are so versatile. A stylish, functional accessory with a hidden zipper pocket. Wear it on your wrist, wrap it around your phone or water bottle. It’s purpose is to keep your little values safe and secure so you can do what you do.

Wear at the gym or on a run or hike to hold small items like keys and medication you don’t want getting sweaty in your pockets.

Make those family vacations a breeze as you secure your rings and other jewelry while at the pool or beach. Bandits also secure small, loose items for theme park trips.

Whether you’re traveling through the woods or through airport terminals, know that your valuables are securely fastened to your wrist. Wear a Bandit to those international destinations to avoid pickpockets and for peace of mind during rafting, canoeing or mountain climbing.

Nurses busy with patients don’t have time to worry about personal items that might fall out of their scrubs. Neither do construction workers on the job. After all, losing that wedding ring in wet cement is a conversation no one wants to have with their spouse.

Choose from one of the many ring bandits designs here for just $25.



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