Pothole of the Day: Annunciation and Napoleon

Pothole of the Day

NEW ORLEANS – Today’s Pothole of the Day is at the corner of Annunciation Street and Napoleon Avenue.

“It’s a nice one,” resident Richard Bendana said. “Uh, in fact uh recently a car had gotten in an accident and to avoid the pothole. When I saw it, I mean you could tell why she swerved into the fence.”

Brendana said he doesn’t even know how long the pothole has been there.

“You know, I’m really not sure, uh I know it’s been awhile,” he said. “Certainly a few months at least. I mean it’s a danger. I guess the worst case scenario is when a car hits the house and not the fence anymore. I ‘d like to see it get fixed. I mean it’s a danger.”


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